“There are more than 15,000 abandoned uranium mines in the US.”

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Clean Up The Mines!

Thousands of Abandoned Uranium Mines in the US.
No Laws Require Clean Up.

According to the US Department of Energy there are more than 15,000 abandoned uranium mines in the US.
Most of these mines were established under the “General Mining Law of 1872,” that does not require reclamation or remediation.
Population growth in the western U.S. means that many more people live near abandoned or inactive mines and do recreational activities (e.g., off-road vehicles, hiking) near mines.
– Report to Congress on Defense-Related Uranium Mines – U.S. Department of Energy – Office of Legacy Management – September 2013

Charmaine-icon“The Native American nations of North America are the miners’ canaries for the United States trying to awaken the people of the world to the dangers of radioactive pollution.”

Charmaine White Face ~ Rapid City, SD

helen-icon“Uranium and other radioactive materials have been poisoning our environment in increasing amounts since the 1940s. Exploitative corporations and negligent government agencies walked away from their clean up responsibilities.”

Helen Jaccard ~ Vina, CA

“272 abandoned uranium mines in South Dakota, only one has been partially cleaned up.”

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