Take Action!

1. Contact your Congressional Representatives

2. Sign our Rootsaction.org Petition!


You can also take action by printing this petition (PDF 132kb) and collecting signatures.



3. Spread the Word (click here for outreach materials)!

Online or offline, take action to get the message out!
You can also order 100 postcards for $9 here.


4. Write a Letter to the Editor

Writing a letter to the editor of local, regional, or national publications can be an effective way to ensure visibility of the issue! Be sure to follow the guidelines and word count limit of the publication (up to 250 words is typical for local and regional papers, but many larger newspapers are limited to 150 or so and some magazines limit letters to less than 100 words)

5. Endorse the Campaign

Click here to endorse the campaign.


6. Organize a Movie Night

You can screen some of the short videos from our youtube channel.
For additional movies visit: www.uraniumfilmfestival.org


7. Host a Teach-in

Coming soon!


8. Share Your Story

Click here to view testimonials and for the form to send us your story!


9. Host a Banner Making Party

Banner making parties can be a fun way to engage with others who care about the issue in your community.
It’s always good to have banners ready for actions!

Banner Making Party Tips

1. Host the event at an accessible space where you can  have plenty of room to paint! You can also make it a potluck or ask folks to bring snacks!

2. Outreach: Plan the event with enough time in advance to advertise. Create a Facebook event, print & handout flyers, call/text your friends, post in community calendars, be creative.

3. Used sheets from thrift-stores make great sized banners & it’s recycling too! (Don’t forget to use a drop-cloth – sheets are thin and paint bleeds through)

Downloadable banner image.

4. Be creative! A big part of the fun is group brainstorming messages to put on the banner. Keep in mind, short messages work best for folks to read if they are just glancing or passing by. Some ideas: Clean Up the Mines!, Abandoned Uranium Mines = Toxic Communities, etc. You can also get fancy and use a video projector to trace your designs. .

5. Acrylic craft paint works great. Reach out to local artists to participate, it’s a great way to build community too!

6. Deploy your awesome work! Fix banners to poles and fly them at your events! Be creative, have fun, and get the message out there!


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