Help the Fight Against Radioactive Pollution. Support Indigenous Delegations to DC!

The fight against radioactive pollution, "the Invisible killer," will be taken to Washington, DC from January 24-29, 2016.
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Indigenous representatives from the Northern Great Plains & the Southwest nations need your support to travel to DC for meetings and presentations addressing radioactive impacts in their communities.

Your contribution will be used to cover transportation costs for the delegations.

The Issue:
Radioactive pollution is an invisible national crisis with millions of Americans being exposed on a daily basis. Exposure to radioactive pollution has been linked to cancer, genetic defects, and increases in mortality. 

From the toxic legacy of more than 15,000 abandoned uranium mines (AUMs), extreme water contamination, surface strip coal mining and coal fired power plants with coal laced with uranium, radioactive waste from Fracking in the Bakken Oil Range, weapons testing, waste storage, and renewed mining threats to sacred places, Native American nations of North America are the miners’ canaries for the United States trying to awaken the people of the world to the dangers of radioactive pollution.

All our communities also face increased peril of radioactive pollution under the EPA’s Clean Power Plan (CPP). The CPP states that “Nuclear power is part of an ‘all the above’ energy strategy that… protects the planet for future generations.” The EPA expects “nuclear power to be a key partner in achieving the goals of the CPP.” (1) 

Public Awareness & Legislative Action:

The delegations will focus on educating legislators, students, organizations, and greater public about the impacts of radioactive pollution.
Delegates will also call for immediate introduction of legislation to remediate abandoned uranium mines, political action regarding radioactive pollution caused by the coal industry, water testing and treatment in crisis points such as the Missouri and Mississippi River systems, Cheyenne River, and Sanders, NM.
The Delegations:
Northern Great Plains
Charmaine White Face (Oceti Sakowin), Defenders of the Black Hills
Ardyce Taken Alive (Oceti Sakowin), Defenders of the Black Hills
Harold One Feather (Oceti Sakowin), Defenders of the Black Hills
JD Buckley (Dakota), Defenders of the Black Hills
Take Action:
– Write letters to Congressional representatives.

– Join our social media storm Jan 25-28 with #ResistRadioactivePollution & #MinersCanary

For more ways to take action:
  1. FACT SHEET: Clean Power Plan – Opportunities for Nuclear Power,

Perks are expected to be fulfilled by March 2016.

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